Batty Bosom

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Batty Bosom were introduced to breeders on June 1, 2016! The Batty Bosom replaced the Crazed Barnyard Birds. Starting on the 1st of the month Amaretto will announce what you must breed together to get that months Batty Bosom!

To get a Batty Bosom you must breed two Barnyard Birds that have the trait that was announced for that particular month!

  • Batty Bosom Cherry - Breeding two Cuprite legs- June 1- 30th
  • Batty Bosom Americana - Breeding a Azurite Beak to a Cuprite Beak July 1- July 31
  • Batty Bosom Yang-Yin - Breeding two Yang-Yin eyes August 1- August 31
  • Batty Bosom Safari - Breeding two Tribal Beak Designs September 1 - September 30
  • Batty Bosom Bloody- Breeding 2 Bloody Traits October 1 - October 31
  • Batty Bosom Glitter Silver - Breeding 2 Platinum Blue Leg November 1 - November 30
  • Batty Bosom Jester - Breeding any 2 Shades December 1 - December 31
  • Batty Bosom Melody - Breeding two Melody Eyes together January 1- January 31
  • Batty Bosom Heart - Breeding two Wing Red Heart or Wing Pink Heart together February 1- February 28
  • Batty Bosom Flower Power - Breeding TWO Barnyard Birds with Leg Zircon or Beak Zircon March 1 - March 31
  • Batty Bosom Chronic- Hidden in the Collectors "420" Edition
  • Batty Bosom A.R.U.- Hidden in the 2018 Collectors Edition A.R.U. Commencement
  • Batty Bosom - Thanksgiving 2018 On Thursday, November 22 any nest dropping could have the possibility to randomly get a new Batty Bosom Turkey!
  • Batty Bosom - Chuckle Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!
  • Batty Bosom - Specs Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!
  • Batty Bosom - Oopsy Poopsy Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!